Sneaky Ways to Hit Your 10k Everyday

As we enter another holiday season and try to keep our positive habits going, it can be easy to struggle to hit your step goal of 10,000 steps daily. I'm currently on the holiday step count slump. However, adding new habits, no matter how small, add up big for your step count. Read below for small ideas to make hitting your daily step goal a little easier!


Take your dog for a walk.

Taking your dog for a walk daily not only benefits you but helps your pet stay active too. Aim for two short walks a day if possible!


Go to the grocery store.

Any excuse for a Target run, am I right? Take a loop around the store first before looking for anything in particular, to ensure you walk as much as you shop.


Reminders to move.

Use your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Phone, whatever you can set. Give yourself hourly reminders to get off your couch and move.


Park farther away.

Chances are there's someone who needs a space closer to the front more than you. Park in the back almost everywhere, and your extra steps will add up fast.


Start your workouts with cardio.

Starting your workout off with cardio ensures it gets done and that you're fully warmed up before your weight lifting session or HIIT.


Take a walk after you eat.

By choosing to walk after a big meal, you aid the digestion process.


Clean, take out the trash, vacuum, or sweep.

Ever hear people say it's not the gym that matters, but how you spend the rest of your day that matters? Spend your day moving, and you'll hit your steps easier than an hour run at the gym.


Walk as you talk.

Take your conference call, work meeting, best friend time, or chat with grandma, into the hall. Moving while talking gets your creative juices flowing and blood pumping.


Stairs VS. Elevator rule.

When traveling less than four floors, always take the stairs. Taking the stairs is also the less populated option and best choice for a busy Monday morning when you haven't had your coffee yet.


Go Outdoors.

You don't need to run or do extensive cardio; walking and being active outside will add steps without having to step foot on a treadmill.

Have any more sneaky ways to crush your step goal? Let me know! As always have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

XO, Kara

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